Bukowe Tarasy w Wetlinie, w tle Hnatowe Beredo

Bukowe Tarasy Facility Rules

Dear Guests,

The following set of regulations outlines the terms and conditions for making reservations, renting, and the rules of stay in the apartments of Bukowe Tarasy. These regulations are an integral part of the rental (reservation) agreement. According to the provisions of the Civil Code, this set of regulations is binding for every person renting an apartment.

The Bukowe Tarasy facility, located in Wetlina, consists of 3 apartments:

  • Smerek Apartment – accommodating from 1 to 6 guests.
  • Hnat Apartment – accommodating from 1 to 4 guests.
  • Buk Apartment – accommodating from 1 to 6 guests.

In every apartment, guests are required to adhere to the rules set out in these regulations.

Please note that our facility is under surveillance.

Whenever the following terms are mentioned in these regulations:

  • Tenant – this refers to an individual or legal entity making a reservation for an apartment, as well as any accompanying persons who will collectively use the Apartment,
  • Owner – refers to Grzegorz Miłkowski conducting business under the name Media Impression Grzegorz Miłkowski, with a tax identification number (NIP) of 9451970277,
  • Apartment – refers to one of the three apartments managed by the landlord, namely Smerek, Buk, or Hnat, depending on which apartment the Tenant has rented.


I. The price list for the Apartments can be found [here] and is an integral part of these regulations.

II. To the above prices, an additional fee of 2 PLN per person per night for the local climate fee should be added. The climate fee will be collected in cash on the day of the commencement of the rental upon receiving the Apartment.

III. For a reservation of at least two nights, the Owner provides the Tenant with a basket of firewood for the fireplace included in the apartment reservation price. For reservations for a fewer number of nights, or if the Tenant wishes to use an additional basket of firewood, the fee is 80 PLN per basket.

IV. Reserving an Apartment is possible:

V. The Tenant is obliged to confirm their stay within 3 days of making the reservation by paying an advance of 30% of the total rental fee to the Owner. This amount should be transferred to the Owner’s bank account number 05 1090 1665 0000 0001 4940 8933. Failure to pay within this period will result in the cancellation of the reservation.

VI. If the Tenant makes an advance payment but then cancels the reservation, the Owner has the right to retain the advance and is not obliged to refund it to the Tenant.

VII. The Tenant pays the remaining amount for the stay by bank transfer to the account number indicated in point I.6. of the Regulations at the latest on the day of arrival or in cash when collecting the keys. Additionally, the Tenant is obliged to pay a deposit in cash on the day of starting the rental for any potential damages, flooding, or breakages in the amount of:

  • 500 PLN if the stay is equal to or shorter than 3 nights,
  • 1,000 PLN if the stay is longer than 3 nights.

VIII. If the Tenant shortens their stay due to reasons on their part, the amount for the unused period is not refunded. In the case of the IX. Tenant losing the keys to the Apartment, a fee of 400 PLN applies.


    1. Check-in and Check-out: The „hotel day” begins at 16:00 (arrival) and ends at 10:00 (departure).

    2. Different Arrival Time: It is possible to arrange a different arrival time. In such a case, the Tenant must inform the Owner or the person responsible for handing over the keys at least one day before arrival and agree on a key collection time.

    3. Late Arrival: If the Tenant cannot arrive at the previously agreed time, they must immediately notify the person responsible for handing over the keys by phone.

    4. Check-in and Check-out Address: Accommodation and check-out take place at Wetlina 177 by handing over the keys to the property by a person designated by the Owner.

    5. Undeclared Guests: If upon arrival it is found that the Tenant exceeded the number of people declared during booking (without the Owner’s consent), the Owner has the right to terminate the contract immediately without a refund.

    6. Apartment Amenities: The apartments have a fully equipped kitchen. Bed linens and towels are provided for guests.

    7. Internet Access: Tenants have internet access. Usage should be lawful; accessing unsecured websites or software is prohibited.

    8. TV and Streaming: Each apartment has a TV with a standard non-encrypted antenna connection. Tenants can log into their own streaming account but must log out at the end of their stay. The Owner is not responsible for any security lapses by the Tenant.

    9. Insurance: The service price does not include insurance. Tenants use the services at their own risk. The Owner is not liable for injuries, damages, theft, or third-party harm unless caused by the Owner.

    10. Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are from 22:00 at night to 07:00 in the morning.

    11. Disruptive Behavior: If the Tenant significantly disturbs the peace or violates common social norms, and in cases warranting police intervention, the Owner may evict the Tenant without a refund.

    12. Parking: Cars should be parked only in designated areas. The parking is unguarded.

    13. Pets: Staying with animals is prohibited.

    14. Fire Restrictions: Starting fires on the property is prohibited. Grilling is forbidden on balconies, terraces, or near apartments. Grilling is allowed only in designated areas.

    15. Fireplace Rules: The fireplaces have a so-called water jacket. Therefore, when using the fireplace, the Tenant must:

      • Place a maximum of 1 log of wood at a time.
      • Extinguish the fireplace before sleeping, during power outages, or when leaving the apartment. Using the fireplace during a power outage can cause the water in the jacket to boil.
      • Clean out the ash after using the fireplace and dispose of it in the designated area, i.e., the bin located in the parking area.
    16. Road Access: The property is on a hill with a steep driveway. In the winter season, significant snowfall can occur in the Bieszczady National Park. The access road is cleared by municipal services, but in heavy snowfall, road conditions may be challenging. Reaching the property with a non-4×4 vehicle might be impossible in winter conditions. Therefore, the Tenant should check the weather before arrival and contact the Owner if in doubt.

    1. Upon check-in, the Tenant is obligated to inspect the condition of the Apartment and its equipment. Any notes regarding damages or defects should be reported immediately to the Owner.

    2. The Tenant is not allowed to make any repairs or alterations in the Apartment without the Owner’s prior consent. Should any equipment in the Apartment require repair, the Tenant must inform the Owner immediately.

    3. The Owner advises that due to the mountain location of the property, there might be temporary inconveniences, such as occasional interruptions in water or electricity supply.
    4. Those using the property are required to adhere to fire safety regulations. Smoking of tobacco and its derivatives is strictly prohibited both inside the Apartments, on the terrace, and within a 20 m radius from the building.
    5. In the Apartment, the use of any electric or gas-powered devices that are not part of the standard equipment and which could pose a fire risk, e.g., electric heaters, radiators, gas burners, is forbidden. It’s also prohibited to bring flammable materials, explosives, or materials with a pungent smell into the Apartment. The use of any fireworks or flares on the property is also banned.
    6. The Tenant is obligated to use the Apartment in accordance with its intended purpose. Rearranging beds in bedrooms is forbidden. Wearing changeable footwear inside the property is mandatory. Walking in mountain shoes, ski boots, snowboard boots, or any footwear that could scratch or damage the stairs and floors is prohibited.
    7. The Tenant is obligated to return the Apartment in a condition suitable for normal use but not dirty. This means that before leaving the Apartment, the Tenant should:

    • a) Clean out the fireplace ash (if used),
    • b) Leave the dishes and kitchen equipment washed,
    • c) Empty the refrigerator of food,
    • d) Leave the surroundings of the Apartment as found.

      Failure to comply with the above results in a deduction of 150 PLN from the deposit for cleaning.

    I. On the property, cleaning mud from equipment, clothing, or footwear is prohibited. For this purpose, the Owner provides a special tap located in the parking area.
    II. The property’s sewage system is managed by a household sewage treatment plant. Therefore, the following substances are forbidden to be poured into sinks, basins, shower cabins, or toilets: sanitary waste (wet wipes, cotton pads, diapers, condoms, tampons, sanitary pads), cooking fats and oils, food residues, bones, coffee and tea grounds, and chemicals (paints, solvents, chemicals).
    III. The Tenant is required to follow the rules of municipal waste segregation as per the guidelines of the Cisna Municipality (https://gminacisna.pl/pl/broszury-informacyjne).

1. The Tenant bears full financial responsibility for any damages or destruction to the apartment’s furnishings and technical devices that occur due to their actions during their stay, whether these damages or destructions were intentional or unintentional.
2. The Tenant assumes full and exclusive responsibility for any persons accompanying them, especially children.
3. Each time when leaving the Apartment, the Tenant should ensure the door is locked. The Owner is not responsible for items left in the Apartment.
4. The Tenant fully understands and accepts that the property is located within the Bieszczady National Park. As such, the Tenant is obligated to exercise extreme caution when potentially encountering wildlife.
5. In cases of force majeure, particularly during heavy snowfalls that make the Apartment inaccessible, both parties to the lease agreement should cooperate in good faith to resolve the situation.


1. The Owner is the Administrator of the Tenant’s personal data.
2. The Tenant’s personal data will be processed for the purpose of fulfilling the apartment rental agreement – based on Article 6(1)(b) of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) OJ EU L 2016.119/1 – processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or to take steps at the request of the data subject before entering into a contract.
3. The recipients of the Tenant’s personal data will only be entities entitled to obtain personal data on the basis of legal provisions and entities participating in the provision of services.
4. In our operations, we use the services of other collaborating companies; therefore, the Tenant’s data may be entrusted by us to: a company providing the Owner with a software program facilitating booking management and/or, the email hosting provider, a marketing agency supporting the Owner in managing the facility’s website, or an accounting firm.
5. The Tenant’s personal data will be stored for the time necessary to achieve the contract’s objectives. Further processing will only be possible if the Owner has such a legal obligation, in particular, accounting and tax obligations.
6. The Tenant has the right to request access to personal data from the administrator, the right to rectify, delete if they are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were processed, or if the Owner does not have another legal basis for their processing or to restrict processing.
7. The Tenant has the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection if the Tenant believes that their data is being processed by the Owner contrary to the law.
8. Providing personal data is voluntary; however, refusing to provide data may result in the inability to provide the service/execute the contract.